Welcome on board!

Our world is rolling around of design. Universe is our work desktop, Sun is energy and our clients fuel on the way to discovering. If you want to create a logo, web or something else, you are on right place :)

We are around of fashion

We creating design tshirts for someone, whos passion is in something another. They don't want to be like many others, but start, independent brightness. For example with weared original tshirt.


Free landing on web

We know that landing ground of your clients is your web pages. Our mission is be secure guard for another softness landings. Web pages we design and code for maximum user experiences your visitors. And another reaction of our webdesign is already estetic DNA of your brand.

Responzívny web

Friendly planet: Merchandising

On our space jurney we meet lot of requests for creating or designing lot of gifts. Someone sad: ,,Houston, is not problem." We are skilled, we have our friendly distributors and is our pleasure to help you with merch.

Katarina Korcek

About us

Its few years, when we was start this journey for discovering and bulding completely new online world. On this way we have a lot of sucessfull web pages done and online campains. Webdesign our checkpoint. On every brief we looking so widespectral and thats our knowhow we can serve you always new, creative solutions. Funcionality is always included. If you choose our team to work, be right, that you have original design for you size of your brand. Doesn't mather if it will be online brief (web page, application, newsletter, ...) or offline advertiseing (print, bcards, posters, ...).

We are very happy bring to you fresh preview of your idea and thats our power to get straight edge. We hope, that what is stars for our minds, you will co-operate with us very well :)




Online is like big universe, full of independent options. Look at us with your idea and we will give him breath

  • Webdesign / Responsive pages [?]
  • Online campains / Microsites / e-shops [?]
  • SEO / PPC campains [?]
  • iOS / Android applications [?]
  • Banners (GDN) [?]
  • Facebook [?]
  • Newsletters [?]

Offline / Print

Traditional advertising is in our universe already included, and is not missing in our portfolio.

  • Print
  • Design manuals / Logotypes [?]
  • Prints / Billboards / Outdoors ADs [?]
  • Posters / Flyers [?]
  • POS [?]
  • Bcards / Stickers / Wrapping [?]
  • DTP Production [?]


Quality merchandiseing connected with low order pieces screen printing is our secret weapon, to catch, for your brand or your events will be always like neon.

  • Screen printing of clothing [?]
  • Advertisement gifts [?]




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Rajecka 28

Bratislava, 821 07, Slovakia, Europe

+421 948 734 387


Invoice informations

Bank account:

SK55 8360 5207 0042 0139 6265

Invoice & TAX numbers:

IČO: 43 335 853

DIČ: 1076151901